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Angelica International School

1. Our Curriculum
AIS provides a complete school-leaving course of study, from pre-school to the O’ Levels. We have developed our own curriculum; it aims to deliver a holistic education program combining the core competencies of the national and the British curricula. The comprehensive curriculum designed for the elementary, secondary and high school classes ultimately leads to the EDEXCEL Ordinary and Advanced Level General Certificate of Education exams, taught in the high school. These examinations are conducted under the auspices of the British Council, Dhaka.

2. Our Teachers

3. Extracurricular Activities
To complement each student’s academic performance and refine their social skills, various extracurricular activities and events are organized. These activities vary from branch to branch, year to year, but may include:

  • Visiting museums
  • Handwriting competitions
  • Traditional food days
  • Fun shows
  • Science fairs
  • Drama and talent shows
  • Sporting tournaments
  • Art competitions
  • Picnics
  • Essay competitions
  • International Olympiads
  • Reading competitions
  • International culture festivals
  • Poetry competitions
  • Bangla handwriting competitions
  • Children’s festival
  • Debate competitions
  • Table tennis tournaments
  • Profession / career days
  • Kids-and-mothers / kids-and-fathers days
  • Spelling bee
  • Bangla Olympiad
  • Grandparent’s day
  • Mathematics Olympiad
  • Book Fair

4.  Clubs

5. Academic Calendar

6. AIS Policies